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Our Missionaries


Bob & Karon Schneider

Karon and I are church planters.  This means we have a heavy focus on evangelism, training and getting our people involved in ministry, Bible studies and Bible institute.  Our goal is for our people to shepherd the lost and disciple the saved, i.e. for them to care for the souls of others.  Our future is to either turn this work over to a national pastor or to use this as a base for training men to start other churches. 


David & Heather Kapyate

David and Heather Kapyate serve the Lord in Kampala, Uganda.  They run a school for all grade levels at King's Kids School.  David is also the pastor at King's Discipleship Church Nyanama.

Adam & DeAnna Hoyt


Adam, DeAnna and Hallie Hoyt are in Birmingham, England. They are working on two university campuses with Campus Outreach (their sending organization), and are seeking to reach muslim university students with the Good News of Jesus. They have found that six out of ten students on campus identify as muslims, and there is a great need for the Gospel to go forth! Their prayer is that those who are reached on the university campuses will then reach their unreached Muslim friends and family. The Hoyts are praying and laboring towards seeing people from all over the world in Love with Jesus Christ and giving their lives to make Him known. 

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